Loan Rules

To be able to watch movies online from this platform you must have the card of one of the libraries of the Euskadi Public Reading Network and access with the same passwords that you access to the library services to eLiburutegia.

Audiovisual loan

The audiovisual loan does not count together with the loan of electronic books, they are independent.

You can always check the number of audiovisual loans available from "my account." The counters are reset every week.

Once an audiovisual loan is requested, you have 72 hours to see it and you can see how many times you want.

The library reserves the right to modify the number of loans available to each member.

How the audiovisual loan is made.

Previous requirements

To enjoy the online cinema from eLiburutegia it is necessary:

  • Have a card from one of the libraries of the Euskadi Public Reading Network.
  • Have a compatible device.


From your personal computer (PC or Mac) or mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.), you can connect with

Inside the page, click on audiovisual loan and access directly to the service.

Consultation of the catalogue

You can check all the audiovisual offer that eLiburutegia puts at your disposal. On the home page you will find a selection of created lists. It also has automatic lists with the most and best rated audiovisuals. In the menu you will have several shortcuts to genres and the total of the lists created and it will be updated. In addition, you have the option of searching for specific audiovisuals through advanced searches.


The availability of the entire catalog is immediate, no waits. The only limitation is the maximum of loans allowed.