Terms and conditions


The utilization of the portal supposes the full acceptance of all the terms and conditions that here regulate it. For it, you, the user, demonstrate that he accepts them in its entirety.

The access and use of certain content and services may be subject to special conditions that, depending on the case, will replace, complete and / or modify the conditions of use of the portal. The access and use of said contents and services will also involve acceptance and submission to them.

If the user decides to refuse the conditions of use of the portal, the particular conditions of the services can not access or use the services and contents of the portal.

If the user decides to refuse the conditions of use of the portal, the particular conditions of the services can not access or use the services and contents of the portal.

eLiburutegia reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time, and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the portal, including the contents and / or services that are integrated in it.


The user is obliged to use the contents and / or services in a correct and lawful manner. The user agrees not to use the portal to carry out activities contrary to the laws, moral standards, generally accepted practice or public order. Furthermore, the user agrees not to use the portal for illicit, prohibited or harmful purposes of rights and interests of third parties, does not assume any liability that may result from this.

The user undertakes not to damage or disable the equipment or computer systems of the Euskadi Library Network or third parties users. Furthermore, it undertakes not to prevent the access and normal use of the contents included in the portal.

If in order to access the contents or tools offered, the user needs to download computer programs or other logical elements or software into their computer, the installation will be carried out on their own, excluding eLiburutegia from any responsibility derived from it.The Libraries of the Network of Libraries of Euskadi may block access to the contents or the provision of services to those users who do not comply any of the terms established in this requirement.


The Library Service of the Basque Government, as manager of the eLiburutegia platform, does not control or guarantee that the use of the portal by users will be carried out in compliance with these general conditions. The eLiburutegia platform will not be responsible for the damages that may arise from incorrect use of the portal by the users. They accept and acknowledge that any risks arising from a use of the portal contrary to these general conditions will be your sole responsibility. Furthermore, the user accepts and acknowledges that eLiburutegia will not be responsible for any damages that may be suffered by its computer system or the losses derived from the download or use of any elements of its web portal.

eLiburutegia expressly rejects any responsibility in relation to the introduction into computer equipment or systems of the user of computer programs or other materials that may cause harmful effects to the computer system of the user, such as "computer viruses", "Trojan horses".

This portal includes information and opinions provided by different sources and by its own users, eLiburutegia does not identify itself or take responsibility for the decisions that may have been adopted based on them. eLiburutegia does not guarantee, nor does it assume any responsibility for the certainty, integrity, accuracy and updating of such information, including those cases in which there are defamatory, offensive or illicit contents. Furthermore, eLiburutegia does not control or can guarantee the veracity, validity, or authenticity of the data that other users provide about themselves or make accessible to other users.

This portal does not include links to portals and web pages operated by third parties.


eLiburutegia owns the rights of Industrial and Intellectual Property of the elements that integrate The Portal, menus, navigation buttons, HTML code, Java or JavaScript applets, controllers, texts, images, textures, graphics and any other content of the Portal or has the corresponding authorization for the above mentioned elements.

eLiburutegia does not transfer to the user any rights over any of the elements of his property. eLiburutegia only authorizes to the user to use the essential property for the use of the Portal in accordance with the terms indicated in this document. The users will NOT BE AUTHORIZED to reproduce, store, distribute, communicate, modify or transfer the Property or, in any other way open activities that carry the commercial use of this Portal, its pages, Contents or elements that is composed totally or partially, without the express consent, granted in writing by the owner. The user must refrain from obtaining and even trying to obtain any of the elements that make up the property using means or procedures other than those that have been made available or have been indicated for this purpose in the web pages where it is incorporated the property. The information or contents that users send to eLiburutegia through the sections to the effect stipulated in the Portal, or through e-mail or by any means, such as questions, suggestions, texts of any kind, drawings, will constitute the granting to eLiburutegia of a free license and without limit in time to reproduce, store, edit in whole or in part, such information or content owned by the user.

The user is responsible for the information and content submitted does not infringe the rights of third parties or violate the applicable legislation. eLiburutegia reserves the right to edit, reject or delete the information and contents referred.

The users and those who intend to establish a link between their website and the Portal must fulfil the following conditions: (a) the Link will only allow access to the Portal but it will not be able to reproduce in whole or in part the content; (b)no links will be established with the web pages of the Portal other than the home page of the Portal; (c) a browser, framework, or environment or navigation bar will not be created over the web pages of the portal; (d) there will be no false, inaccurate, incorrect or degrading statements or indications about the portal, eLiburutegia or any of its properties and in particular, will not be declared or implied that eLiburutegia has authorized the link or has supervised or assumed in any way the contents or services offered or made available to the web page in which the Link is established; (e)exception made of those signs that are part of the same Link. The web page in which the Link is established will not contain any trademark, trade name, label, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs that belongs to eLiburutegia; (f) the web page on which the link is established will not contain information or illegal content, contrary to morality, generally accepted practice and public order as well as it not will contain contents that are contrary to any third party rights.

The establishment of the Link does not imply in any case the existence of relations between eLiburutegia and the owner of the web page in which it is established, or the acceptance and approval by eLiburutegia of its contents or services.

Any other claim for a link different from the stipulated in the first paragraph of this stipulation will require the prior written acceptance of eLiburutegia.


To use or access any of the Services or Contents that are incorporated into the portal, eLiburutegia may requets to users their personal information. eLiburutegia will treat this data in accordance with the stipulations of its Privacy Policy.

In order to adapt and modify the Portal as well as to develop and offer new Content or Services that best adapt to their preferences, eLiburutegia will use technological tools or mechanisms that will allow obtaining statistical data of the users. The information obtained through these mechanisms will not be associated with any specific user.

The data obtained through the questionnaire incorporated in the eLiburutegia portal are subject to automated processing, in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data and are incorporated into a file of which eLiburutegia with adress in Donostia San Sebastian Kalea, 1, 01010 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba is the owner as well as responsible for.

This document is applicable only and exclusively to the information collected in this Portal. Not being applicable to any of the links that may be found in the portal. The PURPOSE of data collection is: The execution, maintenance and management of any contractual relationship that can keep on eLiburutegia with the users of its portal and the adequacy of the services provided to the preferences of the users, the design of new services related to them and sending updates. The sending of advertising about to the suppliers that are submited through the Portal. The sending of the inquiry, which the user is not forced to answer.

eLiburutegia guarantees at all times that they take necessary measures that guarantee the SECURITY of the Personal Data collected through the portal. All those persons who have transferred their personal data to eLiburutegia have the RIGHT OF ACCESS, RECTIFICATION AND CANCELLATION of them in accordance with current legislation.

The rights of rectification and cancellation may be exercised when any person considers that the Personal Data collected in our files are inaccurate, incomplete, inadequate or excessive. In order to exercise any of these rights, the user affected must send a request to eLiburutegia at the above address, proving their identity through of a photocopy of the DNI or by any other document valid in law.

eLiburutegia reserves the right to modify this Policy in order to adapt it to legislative or jurisprudential developments.